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Ski the Vallée Blanche

The Vallée Blanche is one of most famous off-piste ski descents in the world, starting at 3812m from the top of the Aiguille du Midi, and finishing at 1035m in Chamonix.  With a vertical drop of nearly 2800m and over 15km long, the Vallée Blanche is a unique experience, descending between mountains, seracs and crevasses.  With a High Mountain Guide from Odyssee Montagne you can allow us to take care of your safety while you marvel and contemplate this spectacular environment. 

High mountain guide, UIAGM certified, English speaking

350.00 €

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350.00 €

Duration : 1 days

Size of group : 4 to 6 ppl

Season : Winter

Country : France


Fitness level

Skiing level

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Trip details

Winter - Off piste skiing. France

Référence : HPFRA002




This may be be modified according to the mountain conditions and the fitness / ability of the participants.


The day begins at 3800m on the Aiguille du Midi, with mesmersing views of the Mont Blanc range, the wider Alpine chain
and the Vallée Blanche itself, the longest glacier in the Mont Blanc range.
We rope up to climb down the snow ridge from the top of the Midi, and from here we have a choice of a number of ski descents and
several unforgettable hours of epic off piste skiing. 


The different routes :

The classic Vallée Blanche
The classic descent of the Valllée Blanche is relatively easy and is the route taken by the majority of skiers.
It introduces you to the granite obelisks of the Grand Capucin and the Gervasutti Pillar as well as the magical beauty of the
seracs of the Géant icefall, overlooked by the north face of the Tour Ronde.
We have a break at the Requin hut, which provides an ideal opportunity to sample some local specialities and the time for a
bit of quiet contemplation and rest while surrounded by some truly spectacular mountain landscapes.
If there is enough snow, we can ski all the way down to Chamonix otherwise we go as far as the Montenvers station and its
famous cog railway.


The true Vallée Blanche
This descent sees the fewest skiers. It goes left of the Gros Rognon and via a difficult entry, picks up a hidden bowl. The
route winds its way through impressive crevasses and seracs which often offer perfect powder conditions thanks to their
northerly aspect. This route demands a very good level of skiing in all kinds of snow.


The Petit Envers du Plan
This route takes us down the Envers du Plan glacier through a maze of crevasses and seracs. This is perhaps the most
impressive of the Vallée Blanche descents and demands extremely good technique.
This route features a succession of steep and undulating slopes set against a backdrop of the Talèfre glacier, Grandes
Jorasses and the Dent du Géant – a feast for the eyes!


The Grand Envers
This is THE steep descent and is reserved for extremely competent skiers only. This route offers varied big-mountain skiing, from
steeps to jumps over crevasses and bergschrunds. All the elements are there to deliver a challenging and satisfying day's
skiing in a high-altitude environment.


Classic descent plus the combe de la Vierge et the vallée Noire
Classic descent plus the Combe de la Vierge and the Vallée Noire
After taking the classic route to the bottom of the Pointe Adolphe Rey, we put climbing skins on to our skis and make our
way up through the seracs in the glacier towards the Col d'Entrèves and the ridge forming the Italian border.
We ski down the right-hand side of the Combe de la Vierge glacier, often in powder. We stay on the less-travelled
right-hand side until we reach the "salle à manger" below the Requin hut and rejoin the classic route.


How good a skier do I have to be?
You should be comfortable skiing parallel turns down a red run.
You will need a mountain guide, as this is glaciated high-mountain terrain and is not pisted or patrolled.
Even though the route may seem deceptively easy, it's worth skiing it with complete safety and peace of mind.


Can my children ski with me?
Over-10s can ski it, as long as they have at least their ESF 'Flèche' or 'Chamois' ski badge. They do also have to be fit and motivated.
Please give us a call if you would like to discuss.


When can I ski the Vallée Blanche?
Any day from Christmas to the start of May (depending on the conditions).

How do I go about skiing the Vallée Blanche?
Odyssée Montagne organises trips run by fully qualified mountain guides every day during the winter season.
Group and individuals are all welcome!





Additional  Information

Technical Level

You should be comfortable on red runs and should have some off-piste experience.
Your skiing ability will dictate which route we ski.


Physical Level

You should have a good level of fitness to ensure you make the most of your off-piste skiing and don't injure yourself.
The descent takes about 4 hours with a break mid-way. Nevertheless, the altitude, cold, wind and snow conditions make
the skiing harder than skiing on ordinary slopes.



High Mountain Guide UIAGM certified



4 to 5 hours
Depending on snow conditions, we offer departures every day, from late December until early May.



Meet your guide outside the Aiguille du Midi cable car ticket office.
We will give you the guide's contact details the day before.


If you would like accommodation before or after your Vallée Blanche, let us know when you book.
We offer different categories of accommodation: chalets, 4 star hotels and B&Bs.


On request, we can prepare you an Haute Savoyard picnic with local cheese, fresh bread and ham.





The list will be provided to you once you book.

Necessary material

Ask us for more information about gear hire. You can reserve your skis and boots in advance (Snell Sports).
You will need to collect your equipment from the shop.

Provided safety equipment

Avalanche transceiver, harness, rope.





Additional information on the price

For established groups of up to 4 people: 350 Euros

Group of 5-6 people: 390 Euros

The price includes 

- Services of a mountain guide
- Equipment provided by the guide (rope, etc)
- Avalanche transceiver
- Harness
- Shovel
- Probe

The price does not include 

- Transport (transport on Chamonix buses is free)
- Single ticket on Aiguille du Midi lift (48,5€)
- Single ticket on train down from Montenvers if there is not enough snow to ski all the way down (25,5€)
- Midday meal at the Requin hut or picnic lunch
(We can offer, on request, an all inclusive package including lunch at Requin hut or a Savoyard picnic)
- Insurance (optional, for Europeans only):


     Prices TTC by person


(cancellation + repatriation)

up to 350€ 62 € 20 €
from 351 € to 700€ 75 € 29 €
from 701€ to 1200€ 94 € 41 €
from 1201€ to 2000€ 115 € 58 €
from 2001€ to 4000€ 133 € 69 €
from 4001€ to 16000€ 5,5% + 31€ 4,4%
discount family/friends 20% from the 4th to the 9th person


Odyssée Montagne provides tailor-made tours and expeditions for private groups of friends, clubs and charity organisations. Contact us!



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Odyssée Montagne - Les Barbolets - 74310 Servoz - France
Tél: +33 (0)4 50 91 20 83

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Garantie par l'APS, 6 rue Villaret de Joyeuse, 75017 Paris
RCP : Hiscox. 12 quai des Queyries. 33100 Bordeaux

on the glacier du Tacul
ski the vallee blanche ski the vallee blanche on the glacier d'Envers du plan ski the vallee blanche The serac of the envers du plan
Through the seracs of the vallee blancheski the vallee blanche picture time on the vallee blanche
on the glacier du Tacul


Join us! Depending on snow conditions, we offer daily departures, from late December until early May.  The Vallée Blanche is one of the best off-piste ski descents in the world, starting at 3812m from the top of the Aiguille du Midi cable car, where you will rope up to walk down the summit ridge before starting your ski descent down to Chamonix.  Towards the end of the winter season you will usually take the Montenvers train down the final section of the glacier to Chamonix.  The vertical drop of nearly 2800m provides several routes to ski down the Valley Blanche depending on your experience and preference.  Please contact us to discuss the options.  With a High Mountain Guide from Odyssee Montagne you can allow us to take care of your safety while you marvel and contemplate this spectacular environment of mountains, rock peaks and towering seracs. 


Why choose Odyssée Montagne ?

Odyssée Montagne is a team of professional qualified mountain guides, all of whom are graduates of Chamonix's École Nationale de Ski et d'Alpinisme. Our principal objective is your safety and your guide will provide you with all the safety equipment you need, including shovel, avalanche transceiver and probe. With our network of partners (guides, associations, and other agencies) and our communications group, we do our best to form groups which can benefit from our collective prices. We have meticulously selected our team of guides over the years, so you can be assured that you will be accompanied by some technically competent, aware and up to date with conditions. It's not by chance that our base camp is at the foot of Mont Blanc: our Chamonix-based guides monitor mountain conditions at close quarters and are devoted to their vocation.

Maximum : 8 persons per guide.

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