Glacier touring Summer

Glacier touring

Glacier touring allows any competent hiker to discover the beauty of high mountains across famous Alpine glaciers, staying in alpine refuges.

Chamonix to Zermatt is the mythical "Haute Route", one of the world's greatest alpine journey, in the vicinity of all the 4000m peaks between the Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn.

The Bernese Oberland traverse from east to west is one of the most spectacular glacier trips within the alps, passing the unique Aletsch glacier and the almighty Konkordiaplatz, a true reminder of the ancient glacier ages.

Above the Chamonix valley the "Balconies of the Mer de Glace" is an outstanding 3 days trip around the Mer de Glace, that is also suitable for children who are already keen walkers. On the other side of Month Blanc, the Gran Paradiso range within the first European national park is a fantastic alpine intoduction - climb the Grand Paradiso, at 4061m an easy but marvellous first 4000m summit!  The Gran Paradiso tour also benefits from a friendly hut warden and fabulous Italian food!

A perfect opportunity to escape the grind of daily life and discover the pure pleasure of the mountains.


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